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Johanna Simon

Montreal-based, multi-talented Johanna Simon is a movement artist like no other. She is a creator, teacher and performer without limits or boundaries, with a deeply passionate, intense and dedicated nature, which she is gradually carving out for herself in the artistic world. Trained in numerous institutions, she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education and Motor Skills (STAPS, 2016, France), as well as a Bachelor's degree in Artistic Practices (UQAM, 2021, Canada). During her studies, she interpreted, performed and collaborated with various choreographers from the Montreal scene and European competitors. In her quest for professionalization, she joins the BIGBANG program directed by Stéphanie Decourteille, and begins a solo research project entitled "Le temps d'un instant" (2021); Charles-Alexis Desgagnés' "JPCMDLM" (2022) insertion workshop and choreographic work; and Corpus Collective's training program, where she joins the Anima troupe in 2023. Her artistic approach is a hybrid corpus, deeply inspired by living beings and the arts, nature and architecture. It is with great passion that Johanna infuses her movement with her sensitivity and curiosity for "poe(li)tic" and enchanting energy.