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Sarah Roy

Nostalgic and sensitive to the beauty of this world, it is through dance that Sarah Roy brings her inner child to life. Sarah allows dance to be a space of playfulness, where precious moments are shared with a caring community.  Constantly searching for new ways to evolve and expand her practice, Sarah has studied at the DEC in Dance at Collège Montmorency, in the Contemporary Dance Program at The School of Dance in Ottawa and the Big Bang program in Montreal, where she has had the opportunity to create her own choreographic works and experiment with film. By immersing herself in the universe of different choreographers, she has discovered a passion for theatricality, floor work and improvisation. A lover of contact work, she has a growing interest in the encounter of bodies and the infinite possibilities that exist between them; the shapes they can create, as well as the singularity of each individual body. Driven by her curiosity about the world around her, Sarah’s art is inspired by the strange, the beautiful and the simple.