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Ciro Melgaço

Ciro Melgaço is a Brazilian movement artist and economist with a degree from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. His first contact with dance was through Brazilian folklore, when he joined "Grupo Sarandeiros". Later, he decided to extend his dance studies to ballet and contemporary dance, and was part of "Dança Jovem", "Grupo Sala B" and "Ballet Jovem Minas Gerais" groups, as well as participating in independent projects such as "Because – O Espetáculo" and "Petite Fleur". Within these groups and projects, he has travelled and participated in many festivals in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, France and Colombia, to name a few.

Currently, Ciro is a freelance performer for Montreal companies and choreographers, works part-time as assistant to the general and artistic direction at Art Circulation and teaches contemporary dance at Espace Ouvert. Lately, he's been trying to find his own authentic movement, sometimes theatrical, with a strong physicality, mixing all the different styles he's worked with.