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Maria Kefirova

Maria Kefirova is a dance artist, she makes performances, installations and videos; she performs, writes, does research and gives artistic advice.

Her interest in the correlation between internal and external realities and the human body’s role as an interface between the two is at the heart of many of her works (The Nutcracker, Corps. Relations, Gold Meat, Manufacturing Tears).  Through choreography she builds physical spaces for movement of attention, thought and energy (Measuring distance, The Paradise, Why are dogs successful on stage?). Her work has been presented in different festivals and venues in Canada, US, Europe and Mexico. Maria graduated from DasArts- Amsterdam, a residential laboratory for performing arts, research, and innovation. She teaches and expands her choreographic practice through collaborations with other artists. (Miguel Melgarez, Jean -Francois Laporte, Hanako Hoshimi- Caines, Katie Ward, Paul Chambers, Florence Figols, Brice Noeser and Diego Gil among others).