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Caroline Laurin-beaucage

Habiter sa mémoire - 2016
Ground 2018

The artistic language of Caroline Laurin-Beaucage draws first upon the body and movement, before crystallizing in the theoretical concepts that give them form. She is interested in sensible phenomena and largely intangible physical principles such as gravity and memory, and in the way they affect and shape the deployment of choreographic writing. In appropriating these intangible manifestations and transposing them into dance, she has developed a vocabulary that is inextricably linked to matter, temporality, and spatiality. Movement is circumscribed within a moment, a space, or around scenographic elements in a manner that makes them constrain and structure the composition of the choreography.

Carnal incarnations of hidden systems, Caroline’s works express the essence of humanity, bringing out both raw instinct and sensibility. Her substantial, uncompromising dance vividly embodies interiority and the imperceptible.