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Lucia Jarquin

I am Lucía Jarquín, a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher of Nicaraguan origin, whose profile is primarily influenced by contemporary dance. Currently, I reside in Montreal, Canada, as an immigrant artist in search of new opportunities to enrich my passion for dance.

Throughout my artistic journey, I have had the privilege of fusing Afro and contemporary dance, creating a collaborative construction that reflects my cultural identity and artistic vision. Additionally, I have shared my knowledge and passion for dance by teaching jazz and Latin rhythms to students of all ages.

I have had the honor of participating in various dance festivals in Latin America, where I have been able to showcase my art and connect with other people passionate about this form of expression. In recent years, I have also explored videodance as a creative discipline, using movement as a tool to express freedom and sensitivity in my work.

For me, contemporary dance is a constant source of inspiration and a way to connect with my cultural heritage, explore my identity, and share emotions with the world. I am excited to continue growing as an artist and contribute to enriching the artistic landscape in Montreal and beyond.