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Jade-Emmanuelle Amyot

Jade-Emmanuelle is a professional artist from the world of circus and dance. Focusing on the aerial art, she presents various solos with graceful and distinguished lines. Moreover, in symbiosis with her dazzling partners, she offers duos on hoop, silk and aerial ladder.

She had the privilege to collaborate with famous choreographers and artistic directors. She particularly was pleased and honored to perform for special events of Le Cirque du Soleil and Le Cirque Éloize. Winner of various Awards in France, she also presented her circus numbers in Canada, United States, England, Belgium, Mexico, Germany, Thailand and on the coasts seas of Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas.

In addition to her world-wide performances, she deploys her talents in the circus field, festivals, galas, corporate events, cruise ships and in production of shows, video-clips, short films, multidisciplinary creations and entertainment gatherings.