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Amrita Choudhury

Ghoomar Bollywood Choreography
Mudras for Dance- Single handed gestures

Amrita Choudhury brings more than 30 years of international experience in performance, choreography, & teaching. Originally from India, she has dedicated her dance career to sharing her Indian heritage through traditional and contemporary artistic creations.

Amrita specializes in multiple Indian classical, folk, modern, and tribal dance forms. She offers intercultural, multi-lingual, and cross-cultural productions in collaboration with diverse disciplines. Her productions offer dance as a powerful tool for inter cultural dialogue, giving voice to the voiceless.

Amrita’s productions highlight the socio-political and spiritual aspects of society focused on marginalized groups, human rights, gender, and women's issues. Her productions “Sophia's Resurrection”, “The Bridges of Hope”, “Shakti Rising” & “Kali in my Bones”, all follow this commitment to telling powerful stories through dance, to promote awareness, and solidarity.

Amrita has collaborated with Indigenous, European, Asian, & North American dance artists to create bridges between artistic expressions and inovative choreographies; leading to new forms of movement expressions. Her collaborations with Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, TED talks, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Festival Access Asie, Moment Factory, MAI (Montréal, Arts, Interculturels), and with various international festivals, have brought the ancient arts to the forefront, fused into a contemporary setting.

Through her dance workshop tours, she brings accessability and the joy of dance; highlighting the socio-cultural need for artistic expressions in every day life. She works in the field of “Culture & Education” and also uses dance as a therapeutic tool in health institutions.

Amrita’s primary goal is to keep alive the ancient dance philosophies of the knowledge holders from India, and integrate this wisdom into todays contemporary choreographies. She has been given this honor by her own family dance and yoga lineages. Having worked with the last surviving temple dancer of East India who

parted centuries old dance wisdom; Amrita feels a great priviledge and responsibility in sharing this knowlege through her performances and teachings.

She has also brought to the stage Indian Indigenous classical and folk dance, highlighting the importance of these traditions in today’s dance world.

One of the pioneers of Indian dance professionals here in Canada, she has strived to bring the ancient lineages & ancestral knowledge of Indian dance into the modern artistic milieu.

Amrita graduated from Santiniketan, India; a world famous art school founded by the nobel prize winning poet “Tagore”.

She also holds a degree in Anthropology and has dedicated her research into the tribal classical & folk dance traditions of India. As a master teacher of yoga and meditation, she incorporates these profound philosophies into her productions.

As guests on this land, through Amrita Dance Creations, Amrita is always striving to honor and support this reality through continuous collaborations and performances. Amrita Dance Creations aims to create and present what it truly means to live in this interconnected world with respect, integrity, and love for one another. It aims to offer a safe space to practice, learn, and perform for the community at large. Working together and moving forward in solidarity, Amrita Dance Creations welcomes collaborations from multiple disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

Amita believes that dance is a philosophy of life in motion, where every person has the ability to experience the power & joy of this expression.

Amrita Dance Creations https://www.amritadancecreations.com/