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Alice Blanchet-Gavouyère

Alice Blanchet-Gavouyère graduated in 2018 from the Université du Québec à Montréal with a bachelor in dance and received the William-Douglas Prize. In 2016 she presented her first artworks on the deconstruction of social and political consensus such as gender, the workforce and anthropocentrism. Since then, her choreographic research has led her to present minimalist artworks that place the dancer’s sensitivity at the heart of choreographic writing.

She choreographed the music video Flow of the River by musical group Hansom Eli (2020) and choreographed the short film Medea, presented by Thuringian Bureau for Literature and Art Lese-Zeichen (2022). She also presents Le petit du grand déclin, a four-hour performance at the Art Sourterrain Festival (2019). Her creations have also been presented by the dance department of UQAM (À temps perdu, 2018; Ce que cache mon sourire, 2017), Tangente (Flammèches, 2018), the festival SOIR (Gélatine, 2017) and Passerelle 840 (Loud, 2017; Unmentionables, 2016).

As a master’s student in research and creation, she is also a cultural worker in dance, theatre and visual arts. She is involved in several organizations working in communications, private funding and production. (La danse sur les routes du Québec, Sibyllines, SIT and Les Encans de la quarantaine)