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Exposition Vast Body. Infinite Movements – Interactive installation / Vincent Morisset et Caroline Robert

From $15 adults - from $5 children

Musée de la civilisation - 85, rue dalhousie, Québec


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Let your body do the talking

The artists, Caroline Robert and Vincent Morisset of the AATOAA studio have created Vast Body, an interactive installation designed to test limits. The limits of technology, the dancers and yours. The exposition Vast Body. Infinite Movements presents this work for the first time in a museum setting.





5 and under$0
6 – 11  – $5
12 – 17 – $7
18 – 34 – $15
Adults (35+) – $20
65 and + – $19
Families – $45
Members – Free

Vast Body analyzes millions of images to capture what makes a movement unique. Each movement becomes a word in the body language, a universal language. The interactive installation detects the movement, analyzes it and shows the detected movement through the dancer’s body, an alter ego.

Visitors can also stroll in the creation den and appreciate the human dimension behind this project that involves technology.

This experience, designed to bring people together, is just what we need in this period where everything we know has changed. It gives us the freedom to reclaim collective spaces, to have contact with others and to gather. In an 800 square metres room, visitors can see monumental characters at rest projected on screens set on each side of the room. By entering this experimentation space, the visitor becomes the actor. Each of their movements has the power of changing the setting that unfolds before them. It’s in this fleeting meeting with a virtual alter ego that the magic happens: for a few moments, the movements of the visitor are expressed through someone else’s body. A unique encounter between our own self and others, at the crossroads between digital and body language.