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Stage intensif — Fighting Monkey™ avec Jozef Fruček

9h00 à 16h00
25$/demi-journée + 50$/jour [membres] — 50$/demi-journée + 100$/jour [non-membres]

Maison pour la danse, Québec

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Cet atelier s’adresse à tout public! Une superbe occasion d’entrer en contact avec la pratique Fighting Monkey™.Ce stage est déployé en collaboration avec L’École de danse de Québec.Pour s’inscrire → inscriptions@larteredanse.ca

We are movers with a strong athletic and artistic background.
We consider movement not restricted to moves.
We consider movement to be the means for survival, knowledge, creativity and pleasure.
We created Fighting Monkey RootlessRoot™ out of a burning need to develop as humans through a practice that would nourish our passion and love for life.

Fighting Monkey RootlessRoot™ is an innovative movement practice with wide applications in various fields such as Dance Movement Therapy Services, Sports, Martial Arts, Rehabilitation, Arts, Communication to name some.

Fighting Monkey RootlessRoot™ studies how our structure and physiology interrelate with our behaviour,emotions, thoughts and memories.

Fighting Monkey RootlessRoot™ creates “Movement Situations” that help you transform training into activity that positively affects your daily life.

Fighting Monkey RootlessRoot™ allows you to test how valid is your knowledge and how creatively adaptive you are when you encounter the unknown.

Fighting Monkey RootlessRoot™ supports your potential in the field you want to excel.

Practical — Primitive — Playful



Jozef Fruček

Jozef is a founding member of RootlessRoot. He graduated from the Academy of Music and Theater of Bratislava, completing his PhD Thesis in 2002.

During 2002-2005 Fruček was a member of Wim Vandekeybus’ Ultima Vez, creating Blush (stage and film versions) and, Sonic Boom. During 2005-2006 he collaborated with the Royal Flemish Theater in Brussels (KVS) on his own work.

In 2006 he and Linda Kapetanea formed RootlessRoot as a vehicle for their own productions, research and teaching.

Together with Kapetanea, Fruček is developing the research program of Fighting Μonkey — an applied methodology of martial arts in the education of dancers, actors and movement practitioners. They regularly give workshops at international festivals and in vocational schools.

From 2006 – 2011 both Fruček and Kapetanea were on the teaching faculty at the Athens State School for Dance. Since 2012 Frucek is member of the teaching personnel of the University Ludwik Solski State Drama School of Krakow in Poland.