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Stage intensif – Axis Syllabus avec Matthew Smith

9h00 à 12h00
20$/jour (membres) - 25$/jour (non-membres)

Maison pour la danse, Québec


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The sugar centrifuge

This class will be looking at how internal geometries of the body can be organized to follow optimized external geometries through space. We will explore centrifuge as a means to arc in and out of the floor and into the air. We will be off center, off/on balance, leaning into our turns this way and that. We will also use our fascial system’s elasticity to give some time out to our muscles. AND by harnessing the centrifuge our muscles can also take some rest breaks. Less work = less sugar consumed. YAY! In some moments we can even be, or some parts of us at least, pretty much sugar free!!l. Double YAY!. What more do you need from a workshop? :).

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