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Contemporary dance/somatics for beginners by Eryn Tempest

26$ - 198$

École de Danse Variations Mile End - Montréal, Montréal

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Starting June 18 Variations Mile End will begin their summer dance schedule for adults:


Monday : Ballet bootcamp/yoga

Tuesday : Contemporary dance/somatics

Wednesday : Ballet bootcamp/yoga

Thursday : Contemporary dance/somatics

All classes will run from 18h30-20h and will be taught by Eryn Tempest. They are open to all levels but will cater more to the beginner dancer.

Class cards can be purchased online or at the studio and will be valid during the entire summer session (june 18-august 24)


Contemporary dance/Somatics:

This class focuses on developing body awareness and feelings of embodiment using a slow and gentle approach that emphasizes sensation, imagination, and listening inside the body. We explore a variety of movement concepts sourced from multiple techniques from the instructor's training including, always with an aim toward increasing the student's ease of movement, their release into gravity, and their embodied imagination. This class is appropriate for beginners or anyone who likes to go slow.

Ballet bootcamp/Yoga:

This class aims to introduce the student to basic movement patterns in ballet with the interest of activating and developing core stability and length and flexibility in the limbs. Through simple exercises set to up-beat music this class will challenge and build coordination, strength and musicality. We will incorporate yoga exercises at the end of the class to cool down and open the body. Open to all levels.