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Atelier de création avec Sasha Ivanochko

9h00 à 12h00
100$/semaine membres — 250$/semaine non-membres

Maison pour la danse, Québec

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Cet atelier s’adresse aux bougeur·se·s expérimenté·e·s et artistes des arts de la scène (cirque • arts martiaux • théâtre • musique • etc.)

Pour s’inscrire : inscriptions@larteredanse.ca

Matériel requis :
-carnet de notes
– En amont, Sasha demandera aux participant·e·s de considérer une série de questions et fournir une biographie, en guise d’introduction au premier jour d’atelier.


Choreography is the organization of our bodies in space and in time. Each choreographic practice is unique and can originate from an infinite number of inquiries of imagination, culture, place, body, structure, gender and much more. To be coherent, a choreographer must be knowledgeable of the practical, theoretical, aesthetic and historical continua that they are part of. Additionally, a choreographer must realize their own voice and vision through experimentation, practice and choice.
In this workshop, we will practice a variety of creative methods and compositional strategies. Through discussions, exercises of making and viewing, participants will also develop skills to formulate critical responses to the dance they see, create, and share with the participants. We will be making material on ourselves and each other.

Topics that will be introduced and developed include:
— Movement: actions and vocabulary
— The use of space
— Thematic development, structure and composition
— Relationships between bodies
— Aesthetics
— Analysis
— Organization/planning
— Creating meaning
— An open and ongoing conversation on current choreographic practices and their intersection with the socio/political


Sasha Ivanochko is a choreographer and pedagogue currently based in Calgary. Through out her career, she has lived across Canada and has been making dances since 1997. Since 2018, she is also artistic director of Dancers’ Studio West — a resource and production organization that supports the evolution of contemporary dance in Alberta.

A School of Toronto Dance Theatre graduate, she earned her MFA Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University. As a dancer, she performed the works of, among others, James Kudelka, Tedd Robinson, Peter Chin, Robin Poitras, Denise Fujiwara, Peggy Baker, DA Hoskins, Michael Trent, and was a company member of Toronto Dance Theatre (1994-2003) and Citadel + Compagnie (2006-2010)

An educator since 1996, Sasha has been on faculty at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, the Alberta Ballet School, and she has guest taught with conservatories and company’s in Japan and Germany.