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Victoria Mackenzie

Chorégraphe, Concepteur.rice, Interprète, Répétiteur / directeur des répétitions, Travailleur.se culturel.le

Victoria Mackenzie/VicVersa is a Montréal-based independent dance artist. Her main areas of focus are performance, pedagogy, facilitation, and event co-ordination. Vic has been dancing since early childhood and has since practiced and performed various styles in various arenas. She is an amalgam of classical training, b-girl-ism, and nightclub free form.  She has performed, taught, and battled locally and internationally. She is a member of FRGMNT, a recently formed group of multidisciplinary artists based in Montréal. Her connections with the street dance and club scene are an essential part of her life. Her approach considers musical emphasis, expression of self and catharsis above all else.